Rainy Sunny Saturday

After breakfast and some TV time on the couch. . . I headed out for one of my favorite running times: rain!

I heart running in the rain. Things are generally a little quieter, just me and the rain. And in the spring/summer it keeps away the heat and humidity!

Before the run:

There are many fun games to play in the rain:

1. Find the biggest worm

2. Avoid puddles

3. Jump in puddles

4. While looking for worms, find a snake, then spend the rest of the run worried that all worms are snakes, if you are Katie, take it a bit farther and think that anything is a snake: trees, dandelions, sticks. . . I do NOT like snakes and as soon as I see one, it is all I think about. . . when I am running with another person and I see a snake, I literally try to jump on top of them to get away from it!

5. Wonder if you need to shower after getting soaked in the rain

6. Get mad when the rain clears up and the sun comes out

It was a really nice 5 mile run. Smile 

After the run:

Here are a few things I make sure I have to go for a run in the rain:

A hat to keep the rain out of your eyes

And can play with after the run with rain drops dripping off. . . Winking smile 




A good lightweight jacket


Shoes that can get wet and soaked! Because it is seriously so much more fun to splash through puddles than to avoid them!


After I got back, the rain had cleared up, so Abby and I went out for a nice walk around the neighborhood. She found (and peed in) lots of puddles.

Then, we headed downstairs for Level 1 of Shred. Totally loving these workouts!


Smoothie: frozen strawberries, strawberry chobani, pineapple OJ, chia seeds. Topped with fresh blueberries.


Paired with cinnamon chip toast from Great Harvest. . .LOVE that it is a whole grain bread – but you would never know it!


What a difference a few hours makes. .. rainy morning –> sunny afternoon!


Scott went into work this morning for a few hours, I am hoping he comes home soon so we can enjoy this nice sunshine afternoon! Hope you are having a great Saturday.


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