Rainbow Sunday

Last night, I got prettied up for a baby shower.


It was a couple shower, so I got to drag Scott along too.


It was with my work friends so we are always talking about work and doctor things so I know Scott gets a little bored sometimes. . . same thing happens when we are with his friends for me!

It was a nice shower. . . taco bar for dinner and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting for dessert. And of course a margarita, for those of us who are not pregnant! Winking smile It was nice to see people from work outside of work and catch up. . .

More rain this Sunday!

Started the morning off with my CSL.


After some TV watching, Abby and I headed downstairs to do Level 2 of Shred.

Abby got a quick brushing. . . seriously she has so much fur!

And I dragged Scott and Abby out for a quick 3.5 mile run between rain showers. It was humid! I was dripping sweat less than a mile into the run. Abby tried to lay down (and succeeded once) in every puddle. She got a quick rinse in the dog bath when we got home.

Lunch was leftovers from our Let’s Dish crème brule French toast – 2 slices for me and a few sausage links, and of course, lots of syrup!



To get in our fruits, I made some smoothies to go with lunch too. This time just frozen strawberries and pineapple OJ. Yeah drinkable smoothies!


Sunday afternoon was lots of TV watching and working more on my residency project.

And Abby being generally cute. . .




Dinner was leftovers. . . nothing exciting.

The most excitement was this awesome rainbow we got after all the rain today!


Hope you had a great weekend! Have a good night. Smile



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2 responses to “Rainbow Sunday

  1. Bre

    it has been very humid here too, even when I tried waking up extra early to run before it got even hotter! beautiful rainbow, though 🙂

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