Awesome husband

Check out the awesome work my husband did on the corner of our yard that used to be a huge garden. When we first moved into this house, we wanted a big garden. So, we dug up this huge chunk of the corner of the yard. Each year, the size of our garden decreases. . . our soil is super clay heavy and not good for lots of gardening. Tomatoes and cucumbers have done the best. So, in addition to joining our CSA this year, we stuck to only tomatoes and cucumbers in the garden this year. And Scott planted lilacs and some other cool flowering bushes complete with pretty wood chips (that we picked out on our trip to the garden store a few weekends ago). . . now it looks awesome! Smile I can’t wait for it all to grow in. . .

Before. . .





Tomato and cucumber plants


Lilacs in the back, flower bushes in the middle, hostas on the outer edge



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