Birthday Wishes

Scott is still out of town at a conference for work. . . so I woke up all alone on my birthday today.

Well, not all alone!


First birthday wish from Abby via snuggling and petting in bed this morning at 7:32

Text from Scott at 7:54

Half hearted “Hope you have a good birthday” from the Caribou coffee lady when I used my birthday coupon to get a free CSL at 8:22

Text from my sister, Jenny, at 8:37

On tap for the morning: Enjoying my coffee while watching Dexter, then Shred before lunch.


I have to go into work over lunch (I took today off for my birthday) and so I picked up some treats to take in. . . my biggest problem – deciding which one I want to eat! White cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes and M&M cookies. YUM! Happy Birthday to me!



Then, Abby and I are headed up to the cities to meet up with Scott.


Looking forward to a run on Summit Ave this afternoon and then, Scott is taking me to Fogo De Chao for dinner. I have never been but heard good things so I am VERY excited! Smile 



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2 responses to “Birthday Wishes

  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy those cupcakes.

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