Fogo De Chao

The rest of my 29th birthday was pretty awesome. Scott and I took Abby on a gorgeous 5 mile run down Summit Ave in St. Paul – one of my all time favorite places to run! Abby loves it because a couple of the houses have dog water dishes sitting out for her to drink from!


Then, we came back to my parent’s house, got cleaned up and headed to downtown Minneapolis for dinner at Fogo De Chao.




It was delicious! You start with their warm buttery popovers,


then you head up to the salad bar.


The salad bar is unreal. So many different items. I loved the basil sauce (green pool on my plate) – I even went up for seconds of that!


Then, you flip your card over to green and they start bringing over various cuts of meat and slice them off right at your table. Then, you quick flip your card back to red so they stop while you eat your first few meats.

This is Scott’s first picture with his ‘green’ card.  .. aka I am so embarrassed that you are taking my picture right now.


And then his second picture. . . ok after you took pictures of all your food, I guess you could be normal and take one of me!


A variety of steaks. . . and they have them prepared how you like it – i.e. medium rare, medium, etc.


Then, chicken and sausage. . .


OMG the forks were so heavy!


While you are eating the meats, they bring out roasted bananas, parmesan polenta and mashed potatoes. And they keep refilling all the foods until you say stop!


Since, it was my birthday, they gave us a complimentary dessert: I chose crème Brule – one of my favorite ‘restaurant’ desserts – ‘cause I can’t make it at home!


We were full, but still able to finish it off!


Overall the meal was really fabulous. It is a pretty expensive place to eat, so we won’t be going there very often but for a special occasion, I would go there again.

The wine room. . .


And of course on the way out, had to grab one four of the chocolates! I was so stuffed from dinner though, it is in my purse for the next time I need a chocolate fix!


The rest of last night was spent curled up on the couch, watching Dexter – seriously in love with that show! I am watching it via Netflix DVDs so I had to finish this DVD so I can get the next one. Thankfully, even though Scott has already seen all the episodes, he was more than willing to hang out with me and watch them again!

This morning, I headed to my old stomping grounds – the Caribou coffee I spent all of high school, college, and some of medical school studying at! I got my usual (CSL) and headed back to my parent’s house to blog and enjoy the beautiful lilacs they have covering their backyard.



My parent’s are already up at the Lake with Abby. My sister works until noon, then we are all headed up too.

On tap for this morning: picking up my birthday cake that Scott secretly ordered for me from Buttercream. Red velvet – yum! We are celebrating my birthday with my family tonight at the Lake!

No internet access at the Lake, so I will be back on Sunday or Monday depending on the weather, with a full recap of birthday events, the new cabin and Lake activities.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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