Weekly goal review–May 22

Goals for next week. . .

1. Continue my quest for 5 fruits/veggies per day

Sunday: 3
Monday: 2
Tuesday: 3
Wednesday: 1 1/2
Thursday: 3
Friday: 1 Sad smile
Saturday: 2

Next week I am going to try to increase fruits and veggies by making sure to include them in my snacks and desserts!

2. Continue dessert moderation and avoiding temptations and cravings

Sunday: cinnamon toast crunch
Monday: cinnamon toast crunch
Tuesday: apple with maple almond butter and pecans
Wednesday: candy
Thursday: Crème Brule at Fogo De Chao 
Friday: Buttercream red velvet cake
Saturday: More cake!

This week went better. . . I will continue to have this as an on-going goal (prob forever!) 

3. Continue food journal – yes, sortof. . . I didn’t keep it up over the weekend, but I am going to start up again tomorrow.

4. Run 4 times – check

Run 3.5 miles on Sunday
Run 5 miles on Thursday
Run 4.5 miles on Friday
Run 4 miles on Saturday

5. Strength training/ Shred 3xs  – check

Shred Level 2: Sunday
CTI: Monday
Shred Level 1: Tuesday
Shred Level 1: Thursday

6. Enjoy my birthday on Thursday and going to the Lake this weekend! Winking smile  – check and check

7. Review these goals next Sunday. – check! 

Goals for next week!
1. 5 fruits/veggies per day
2. Continue food journal with calorie counting
3. Run 4 times
4. Shred 4 times
5. Golf or tennis outing with the husband
6. Review these goals next Sunday!


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