Numbers Wednesday

I worked all day today. . . so here is a quick run-down on my Wednesday in numbers.

Number of hours worked: 12
Number of jobs worked: 2
Number of patients seen: 18
Number of diet mountain dew bottles consumed: 2
Number of runs done on National Running Day: 0 (see above #1 & 2!)
Number of lattes: 1
Number of lectures given: 1 (at noon conference today talked about an away rotation I did in Monticello, MN)
Number of fruits/veggies: 2 (carrot sticks at lunch, apple for snack . . . boo!)
Number of pieces of gum chewed: 3
Number of times a patient asked me how old I am: 1 – seriously this happens all the time! I look super young for my age and often times people don’t believe I am a doctor because of how young I look!
Number of pieces of french toast eaten after work: 2
Number of dogs happy to see me: 1 Winking smile 

Happy June! Hope to update you on my May goals and make some for June soon!

How many hours did you work today???



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4 responses to “Numbers Wednesday

  1. Worked 9 hours today and I am ready for bed!

  2. Hi found your blog thru pink runner.. love your blog title! I worked 0 hours.. yay for summer break!

  3. I worked about 9 hours yesterday but it felt a lot longer which is why I needed some wine after work.

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