Review and New

Let’s review my goals for the month of May:

Try coconut butter, wheat berries, and quinoa

I have tried coconut butter. Read about it here. I have wheat berries sitting in the pantry – that counts right??? Winking smile And no to the quinoa – maybe in June?

Try Jillian’s 30 day shred

LOVE Shred! Great DVD – one of the best ones I have ever done.

Try spinach in a smoothie – this one scares me. . . can you really not taste it??? I guess I will find out!

I guess I was too scared to actually try this one and I don’t think we actually had any spinach in the house over the month. Hopefully in June!

Start making weekly goals and reviewing them at the end of the week

Done! Check them out: week 1, week 2, week 3

And make new goals for June!

Actually make the wheat berries and eat them!
Put quinoa on my grocery list and make it happen
Shred DVD at least 25 times this month (giving myself 5 days to skip due to working late, like last night, being out of town, etc)
Spinach in smoothies
Continue weekly goals
Start increasing ‘long run’ distance weekly in preparation for half marathon in August

Anyone have good recipes using wheat berries or quinoa???

What goals do you have for yourself for June?



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2 responses to “Review and New

  1. I love the goal of Start making weekly goals and reviewing them at the end of the week !

    Pop over to my blog and view my June goals

  2. Quinoa- great in salads! Spinach in smoothies- I promise you can’t taste it, it just changes the color and makes it look gross.

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