Vacation Friday

Vacation day!

So, that means:

1. CSL enjoyed on the couch while watching Dexter


2. Errands this morning

and me taking pics of Abby in the car while waiting for Scott to be ready. . .



and waiting long enough to get hungry: enter odwalla bar. Smile


and finally errands: Discount tire (I waited in the car!)


and Home Depot to check out bathroom vanity countertops – we have this awful black vanity that shows everything!



Maybe this one??? We bought a sample to see how it looks with our paint and cabinets.


And of course we have to go drool over some granite and silestone counters for the kitchen, so pretty and shiny!


And one more stop at the ACE hardware – to get Rain-x. . . Abby and I waited in the car again.


3. Level 2 of Shred

4. Eating the best strawberries ever afterward


Sweaty self portrait while eating strawberries. . .


5. Lunch

Egg salad sandwiches (egg whites only!) and more strawberries!


Perfection on such a hot day! 92 degrees right now.


Hoping for rain this afternoon so the heat breaks before our run later today. . .

Hope you’re having a great Friday – what did you have for lunch today???

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One response to “Vacation Friday

  1. Yay for vacation day! I had way too much food… bbq sandwich, mac and cheese, brownie… whoa. Strawberries sound good tho. And shopping for a new countertop sounds like fun1

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