Sunday run-down

Quick run-down of my Sunday

1. CSL and 2 frozen waffles with lots of syrup!

2. 5 mile hot and sweaty run (83 degrees at 10:30am!) with Scott and Abby (3 miles!)

3. Egg white salad with blackberries and oranges for lunch. . .fun fact: one of my favorite things after a hot run: juicy orange slices




4. Multiple episodes of Greek

5. Drive to the cities for a graduation party of the wife of one of Scott’s former co-workers. . . still with me??? Winking smile 

6. Have some random food while at party: highlights –>fruit salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips and chocolate covered strawberry

7. Pout on the way home that there was no cake – I mean, grad party without cake – what gives?

8. Get pouting rewarded by having DQ blizzards for dinner – turtle pecan cluster for me, Oreo for Scott




9. Entertain Scott by making ‘music’ with a blade of grass while he is still eating


10. Enjoy the view on the drive back to Mankato


11. Show remorse to puppy for leaving her all afternoon with lots of treats and loving.



12. Go to bed and try not to think about the fact that tomorrow is Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! See ya tomorrow. Smile 

Do you know how to make ‘music’ with a blade of grass??? Scott had never done it before we met and thinks it is so weird.

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One response to “Sunday run-down

  1. Mmm now I’m craving orange slices. And wishing I knew how to make music with a blade of grass! Sounds like a good weekend!

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