Air conditioned house

Monday Monday Monday …. How is it Monday again???

Thankfully it went pretty quick!


Breakfast: CSL from Caribou = always helps to make Mondays much easier. Smile 

Lunch: Turkey and provolone sandwich, carrot sticks, Harvest Cheddar sun chips

Snack: Apple and handful of almonds

Dinner: Leftover lasagna and pepper slices

Abby was much cuter than my dinner!



Dessert: Smoothie with blueberry chobani, frozen peaches, mango and strawberries, and pineapple OJ. Topped with granola, coconut butter and chia seeds.




CTI class at the YMCA tonight. I am training a new aerobics instructor, so we split the class tonight.

Here are the 2 circuits I did tonight, we used a mat and weights:

Circuit 1
High knees
Semi-squat with forward punches
Static lunge with forward row
Pendulum lunge with hammer curls
Double crunch

Circuit 2
Jumping jacks
Front kicks with punches
Squat with overhead press
Oblique crunches

It was super hot in Mankato today – somewhere between 97 and 105 degrees here! It was nice to work out in an air conditioned room.

Now we are hanging in the air conditioned house and watching Greek.

Tomorrow is a very big day for Scott and I – stay tuned!

What was the temp where you are today?


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  1. Dinner and dessert sure looks good! And ouch, too hot! Enjoy your big day, can’t wait to hear what’s going on!

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