Biking in the rain

Happy Saturday!!!

I had the best morning. . . slept in, started my day with 2 waffles, syrup and chia seeds


then, I took a stab at re-creating my favorite Starbucks drink: iced caramel macchiato, complete with their caramel syrup drizzle!

Look how pretty!


It wasn’t as *awesome* as the original, but pretty close! And much easier than driving across town to Starbucks to buy one and cheaper too.


Then, I decided I didn’t want to spend my whole morning watching TV, so I headed to the basement to complete Level 2 of Shred.

After, I decided to finally take my bike off the trainer and take it out for a spin.

So, I got my bike ready, put on my helmet, took the obligatory blog photo and then…


This happened. . .




So, I pouted for a few minutes and watched the rain,

And then I decided, what the heck. . . I won’t melt.

And took off for a ride in the rain!


It was wonderful! I rode 9 miles. Not very much traffic and the I had the bike path all to myself.

The only problem with riding in the rain, is the water coming off the back tire. . . soaked my back and butt! But with the rain, I was soaked head to toe anyway!

. . . but no worries, threw all the clothes into the washer and took a warm shower.

What a great Saturday so far!

Hope you are having a great day. . . what are you up to this weekend?



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2 responses to “Biking in the rain

  1. Awesome you rode in the rain 🙂 How is the Shread dvd?? Worth the investment? I am seeing a lot of it lately on blogs!

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