Happy Birthday Father’s Birthday

Or as everyone else calls it: Sunday!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Scott and I started our Sunday with a nice long-er run (for us). .. 6.75 miles! It was pretty humid so I was a hot sweaty mess by the time we were done. But it felt nice to get it done early so we had the rest of the day to hang out.


Scott’s family (Mom, Dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend) came down to celebrate my birthday (from back in May), his Mother’s birthday (which was yesterday) and Father’s Day. Hence the title of my post!

We hit up the local Pizza Ranch. . . where you know I totally dominated on the dessert pizza – another perk of our long run this morning. Winking smile 


We came back to our house. Spent some time showing them some of the changes since they had been here last time: newly painted bedroom and newly landscaped corner of the backyard!

Then, presents!

Probably the funniest part of the afternoon was this card from Scott’s Mom:


Ya. . . I am only 29! We all had a good laugh.. .

Scott’s brother, Adam and his girlfriend, Ashley. . . well probably more Ashley than Adam. . . gave me this super cute cake server from pampered chef. It totally has a pink zebra print heel. OMG cake and pink = totally perfect for me! Smile 



After they left, we spent the rest of the afternoon working . . Scott studying for his professional engineering exam in October and me working on a paper for a community health project I did during residency.

I may or may not have spent some time shopping online – Bic Bands! and looking up rhubarb recipes to use the rhubarb we got last week in our CSA share!

Dinner was some huge salads full of fresh produce from our CSA share.

The highlight was fresh peas. .. I don’t think I have ever had fresh peas that you had to peel out yourself.

Scott wasn’t too sure about them. . .


but decided he liked them too. .  Smile 


I also made some homemade croutons from some honey wheat bread we had earlier this week. . . cut the bread into chunks, sprinkled with olive oil and a little salt and baked in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. I had never made my own croutons before, super easy.


Our salads had: fresh lettuce, carrots, green onion, peas, radish, leftover steak, cheese, croutons.



Dessert was a fresh cashew salted nut roll that Scott picked up on Saturday at a car show he went to with his Dad and brother. So yummy.


Happy Father’s Day!





Love you Dad!


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