Level 1 Shred via CTI

Happy Tuesday! Where did Monday go???

I was busy last night. . . my parent’s came to visit and brought Abby back with them.


I missed this sweet puppy face!


Abby spent the weekend at the Lake with them, but seemed happy to be back home.


We picked up some pizzas from Papa Murphy’s for dinner.

Canadian bacon and pineapple


Sausage and pepperoni


Added some healthy points with carrot sticks and strawberries.


I also taught CTI at the YMCA last night. . . I did a variation of Level 1 Shred. It was good, tough! but good!

We used a mat and a set of light and heavy weights (I used 4 and 8 pounders). Each move is for usually 1 minute.

Circuit 1
Pushups x 30 seconds
Squat with overhead press
Jump rope
Standard crunch

Circuit 2
Static lunge with forward row
Pendulum lunge with hammer curl
Butt kicks
Squat with front punch with light weights
Oblique crunch

Circuit 3 
Triceps kickbacks – heavy weights
Side lunge with forward raise – light weights
Jacks – 30 secs
Butt kicks – 30 secs
Punches – 30 secs
Jump Rope – 30 secs
Plank with knee twists

Now, I am enjoying my iced caramel latte – Happy 1st day of summer! Smile 

Hope you are having a great Tuesday so far. . . see ya tonight.

I’ll leave you this morning with Abby being totally adorable. . .




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