CSA Week 2

I am really loving our CSA!

Look at all the things in our bag this week:

Fresh strawberries


Rhubarb, green onion, asparagus, radishes




I am the most excited for this guy. . . kohlrabi – I have never had it before! 


I broke into the strawberries right away. I learned today that unfortunately because of all the wet weather we have had recently, it was really hard on the strawberry crops in Southern MN, so they won’t get a whole lot from their crop.

I put Scott to work on making waffles. . . unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The waffle totally got stuck to the waffle maker!


So, we snacked on crumbs – Abby helped!


And switched to pancakes.

I chopped up the strawberries and mixed then with a little bit of sugar to make an awesome pancake topping. I repeated the same with some fresh peaches.


Add syrup = awesome dinner!





Other eats today:

I had another wheat berry salad for lunch. I love the combo of wheat berries, veggies, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette.

Breakfast was a wonderful large caramel skim latte from Caribou – totally made my morning. I also snacked on a peach too. Love the fresh summer fruit!

After work, I ran around the local college for 3.5 miles and then did Shred Level 3 = totally a** kicking! The whole time I kept thinking about the beer I am going to have tomorrow night at the weekend country music festival I am going to with my sister. It really helped! Winking smile 

Tonight: play time with Abby, packing for the weekend, couch time with Scott.


What was your last dinner disaster?

I totally tried to make rhubarb compote last night = complete fail. I made it way too sweet trying to compensate for the totally bitter taste of rhubarb. . . Thankfully, we got more in this weeks CSA bag, so maybe I can try again??? Or make something else – any good rhubarb recipes?


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2 responses to “CSA Week 2

  1. Let me know what you come up with for the rhubarb! I think I posted a rhubarb strawberry pie recipe a few weeks back. It was INSANELY delicious and pretty easy to make.

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