Ice cream buddies

Yesterday afternoon at my house. . .


After a good nap and watching TV, Abby and I took Scott out for a 3.5 mile run. Both of us were dying, not sure why! It felt good to get back into the air conditioned house and drink lots of water.

Dinner was awesomeness!

I had Scott grill up spicy Italian turkey sausages. I cooked up penne and three cheese pasta sauce.


Combine together and sprinkle with cheese.


Super easy and totally delicious. Scott had 2 helpings – which he almost never does! The spice of the turkey sausages was perfect.

I also had fresh watermelon slices. . . I bought a small watermelon last week and it was almost to the point of being not good – some bites were a little mushy. . . which I hate! But thankfully, most of it was still good!


The rest of our evening was watching Monsters vs Aliens

it was cute and had us laughing!

And ice cream – chocolate chip

check out my ice cream buddies


Abby is getting so brazen, when I still had half my bowl full of ice cream, she tried to stick her tongue in it! I let her lick my bowl when I am done, but definiately not before! When I called her on it, she was like ‘what? aren’t you done yet?’ Cue cute puppy eyes!


And when I was really done. . .she was ready to help me out!



This morning, I am at Caribou, enjoying my caramel skim latte and catching up on my to do list!


Hope you are having a great Wednesday!!!

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  1. Yum, all your food looks so great! I want some watermelon so bad!!

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