After being gone all weekend at country fest, it was nice to come home. . . because I seriously missed this puppy face!


I like to think she missed me too. Smile 


In other exciting news. . . guess what came in the mail! My pink sparkly Bic band! Scott took pictures of me checking it out!



I haven’t taken it for a run yet so not sure about it’s staying power, I’ll let you know!

Yesterday for lunch, I made myself a wheat berry salad. I really like wheat berries as a base – especially because it soaks up the yummy balsamic vinaigrette I have been in l.o.v.e with lately!

I decided I should check out the kohlrabi we got last week in our CSA bag.


Our veggies come with a newsletter that tells us about stuff going on at the farm, recipes and how to prepare some of the more unusual ingredients. There was a recipe for sautéed kohlrabi and onions, so I used that for my base for cooking the kohlrabi.

I chopped it up – not sure the best way to get the green outer layer off – I ended up chopping it in half and then taking the ‘skin’ off with a sharp knife.


Then, I cut it into pieces and threw it in a sauté pan with a chopped onion and a sprinkle of olive oil. I had some asparagus on hand from our share, so after a few minutes, I put that in there too. Finally, we had corn on the cob last night for dinner, so I sliced that off the cob and put that in the pan to warm up too.


I layered my wheat berries with veggies from the fridge: radish, carrot, green onion, craisins.


Topped with my stir-fried veggies, pita chips and balsamic vinaigrette.


All mixed up.


I didn’t love the kohlrabi. I don’t know if I didn’t cook it right or what, there wasn’t much taste to it and it was kinda fibrous and stringy. I think we are getting more kohlrabi this week so I might have to look up more recipes online and maybe search out how to actually take out that annoying outer layer!

Have you ever cooked with kohlrabi – any suggestions?



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2 responses to “Kohlrabi

  1. I’ve never heard of kohlrabi! Roasting might work – that generally brings out the best in veggies 🙂

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