5 Things Friday: Jealousy!

Happy Friday!

This Friday. . . 5 things that make me jealous!

When you are reading blogs, do you ever think “I want that!” I totally do! That’s one of the reason I love reading blogs is that it introduces me to things I wouldn’t have ever known about otherwise, but unfortunately, sometimes there are things that I just can’t have or do. . . here are 5 things that I sometimes wish I could have or do!

1. Super jealous that Tina from Carrots’n’Cake goes to Mary Lou’s for yummy sounding iced coffee. . . I have never been to Mary Lou’s but every time she posts in her blog that she had one, man, I want one! And living in MN, we don’t have Mary Lou’s! Thankfully, I have my Caribou Coffee, so that helps!

2. FroYo – Julie from PBFingers almost makes me drool with the flavors and toppings she gets when she goes to FroYo places – which again, stupid MN, we just don’t have here!

3. The Beach/Ocean – Meghann from Meals and Miles will occasionally go to the beach/ocean for a few hours.. .  I wish I lived someplace where I could be a short drive from the beach and ocean!

4. Pink Runner was at the Outer Banks last week and had fresh crab legs – OMG! I already told Scott that he has to take me to Red Lobster soon to get crab legs, but I know that isn’t anything like fresh crab legs!

5. Kathy from Kath Eats just open a Great Harvest Bakery and always has fresh bread and treats that looks so amazing. Thankfully, we have Great Harvest’s in MN but the closet one is 90 minutes away! Thankfully, bread freezes well! Smile 

Have you read anything recently that made you go “OMG, I want that!”????



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3 responses to “5 Things Friday: Jealousy!

  1. Wish I could have mailed you some crab legs!! 😦 You will just have to visit the east coast!!

  2. Ahhh. . . WordPress just spammed a ‘real’ comment and I accidently deleted it. . . I’m sorry to whoever commented! 🙂

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