5 Things Friday: Shopping

Happy Friday!!! It was a short week but I am still super excited for the weekend.

This week for 5 Things Friday: Shopping. . . my top 5 places to shop.

1. Target

especially if it is a Super Target <– OMG best place ever. . . groceries and shampoo and clothes and dog food –> yes please! 🙂 I loved when I lived in West Des Moines during medical school because I was literally walking distance from the Super Target. Now, in Mankato, all we have is a regular Target (tear. . .) but it is still the best place to shop, wander and spend money on random and needed things. My most recent trip to Target: 2 new beach towels (pink for me, blue for Scott), salad spinner (can’t believe I haven’t bought one before now, best thing ever!), LUNA bars, card for a friend who just had a baby, shampoo, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, gummy fiber chews, and dog treats. What other store can you get all that stuff at??? 🙂 Glorious!

2. Ann Taylor Loft – perfect mix of work clothes and casual clothes and for a good price.

3. Banana Republic – also a good mix of clothing options and I have a BR credit card = rewards = more clothes!

4. Byerly’s

an awesome grocery store in MN, unfortunately, we don’t have any in Mankato. We have to drive 90 minutes to the cities. They have lots of speciality products: breads, cheeses, meats, etc. And the most awesomeness (yes, totally a word) bakery counter. Filled with tarts, cheesecake, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, and of course cupcakes!!!

5. Porsche dealership – ok, not really but a girl can dream right???

Where is your favorite place to shop???



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4 responses to “5 Things Friday: Shopping

  1. Getting ready to go to Target this morning!!! ❤

  2. I’m BEYOND excited my hometown where I’m moving back to very soon is one of the first cities in Canada to get Target! WOOHOO!

    • I am so excited you don’t have to live without Target. . OMG the horror! 😉 Thanks for checking my blog out. . love yours – your story of the guy tapping you on the shoulder made me laugh!

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