Wedding cake

Last night Scott and I went to friend’s wedding. . .


It was a pretty long ceremony and then the reception was at a local hotel. They met on so by the guest book, they had their profiles there – it was a super cute idea!


I only got a few pictures of the night. . .


Of course the cake. . . chocolate with a layer of chocolate fudge frosting and topped with white buttercream frosting.


They also had some good appetizers – candied walnuts, cheese, bread, crackers, fruit.


Unfortunately, dinner was awful. I got the chicken – covered in some sort of sauce and pretty much inedible – and undercooked broccoli. Scott got walleye – full of bones and served with the same broccoli.

After we got home, we had too much fun with the camera. . .



Abby did not want to be photographed!


This morning, I had my usual caramel skim latte – summer style = iced!


And a fiber one bar – oats and chocolate.

Before lunch, Scott and I took Abby out for a hot 3.5 mile run – 88 degrees and bright sunshine!

We were all tuckered out afterward!


Lunch was English muffin egg sandwiches = 2 egg whites, Colby cheese, apricot preserves on an honey wheat English muffin.


Plus some fresh peaches. yum!


Now off to take some much needed down time on the couch! And later. . . Scott talked me into dinner at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries!



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3 responses to “Wedding cake

  1. You look really pretty in your blue dress! Why do dogs never want to look at the camera? Mine drives me crazy when he looks away!

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