Jury Duty morning

This morning, bright and early, I had to report for jury duty!

Thankfully it was a good day to have to go because it was raining cats and dogs out and is supposed to rain all day!

I stopped by Caribou to pick up a CSL on my way.

Unfortunately, as soon as I got into the Blue Earth County Justice Center, there were signs all over saying ‘No Food or Drink’.. . crap! I risked it and continued on into the jury room. Thankfully, there were some others with drinks as well. They told us right away that we would not be able to bring anything with us into the courtroom so I drank that drink so fast! No way was I wasting a Caribou latte. Smile I guess, thankfully, we had to wait around for a while, so I had more than enough time to gulp my drink down!

I didn’t get picked for the jury today, so I was back home by 10:30! Thankfully, I don’t have much planned for today. Hoping it stops raining later this afternoon, so I can head out for a run, and some TV watching! And I can’t forget to go pick up our CSA for this week. . . excited to see what is in our bag this week.

I have to call in every night for 9 weeks for jury duty to see if I have to report the next day or not! It sounds like most of the time, you just have to go in once or twice, so I hope that  is the case. ..although, it is kinda exciting to see the ‘inside’ of the courtroom – you know, besides what you see on Law and Order. Winking smile 

Hope you are having a great Thursday!

Have you ever had to report for Jury Duty???


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  1. Wow that sounds like a pain! No, I’ve never had jury duty and from your story I don’t want to!

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