5 Things Friday: Summer Goals

Happy Friday!!!

Unfortunately, I am stuck at work doing another 12 hour shift. . . but after that –> the weekend! And Scott and I are headed to the Lake for an extended weekend (til Tuesday) tomorrow morning! And it is raining and thundering like crazy so it’s a pretty good day to be stuck at work.

Since we are about 50 days from Labor Day. . . the sorta end of summer, I thought I would write down some goals I have for the rest of the summer.

1. Spend quality time with the husband: tennis, golf, watching movies, canoe trip with Abby, etc!

2. Run ‘around’ the Lake. . . at my parent’s Lake place, if you run the roads that go around the lake, it is a 14 mile (pretty hilly) run. I have done it once before with my Dad and I would like to do it again this summer.

3. Bike 30 miles – my ultimate goal is to do 100 mile bike ride ( a century ride!) so I am slowly working up to it! My longest ride thus far has been about 16 miles, so I have a way to go. . .

4. Read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels . .. aka the True Blood books. I am on book #5 right now – don’t judge – they are pretty good!

5. Start a weight lifting program. I just ordered the New Rules of Lifting for Women earlier this week and I am excited to get started on that!

Tell me one of your goals for the rest of summer???



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4 responses to “5 Things Friday: Summer Goals

  1. I can’t judge… I’m completely obsessed with Twilight!

    • OMG – me too! Team Edward or Jacob??? I can’t decide! It was hard to get into the True Blood books because I liked Twilight sooo much – but I kept reading and they are good too!

  2. I’m focusing on shaking up my workouts – trying new things to keep my body guessing!

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