30 Day Shred Review

About 6 weeks ago, I started using Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred


The DVD has 3 levels: 1, 2 and 3.

You are supposed to start at Level 1 and work your way up to the higher
levels when you feel ready.

Each level is a good workout, Level 2 is harder than Level 1 and Level 3
still kicks my a** every time I do it!

When I first started doing the DVD, I was a little disappointed. The DVD says
it is a 20 minute workout. Well, each workout ends up being about 27 –28 minutes
long. Not a huge difference, but a noticeable one.

You start with a brief 3 minute warm-up. Then, you get right to work. Each
level has 3 circuits. Each circuit is supposed to be 6 minutes long: 3 minutes
strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs. So, I suppose that is where they
get their 20 minutes from – if you add up all 3 circuits it should be about 18
minutes. . .

For most of the moves, I used a set of 5 pound hand weights. On a few, I was
happy that I had a set of 10 pounders at home too. On the video, it looks like
they are holding 4-5 pound weights and they never change up.

There are two women doing the moves with Jillian: 1 that is doing the
‘easier’ version of the moves and 1 doing the higher level.

I like how Jillian doesn’t really sugar coat anything for you. She doesn’t
give a modification for jumping jacks, pretty much just tells you to suck it up
and do it. .. which again, I like. . . but some might not.

One thing she says a few times in the video is you have to push yourself if
you want to see change. Also, that in those last few reps where is just kills,
those are what counts and what is ultimately going to change your body. She is
also good at reminding you to remember why you bought the DVD in the first place
(duh, because you wanted to get shredded) and to not ‘phone it in’. . .

I haven’t done it every day for 30 days, but I have done it pretty regularly
over the past 6 weeks.

I didn’t take any before pictures or do any measurements or anything. . .

But, I have to say that this is one of the best DVDs I have done. I feel like
I am getting stronger. Some of the moves I couldn’t do for the whole time when I
first started doing the DVD, I can do now. Level 3 is still crazy. . . but I am
still working on it! 😉

I really like that there are 3 levels. . . if I have a hard run, I’ll do
Level 1. If I don’t have time to work out besides the DVD – up the intensity to
Level 3.

Overall, I would give this workout DVD an B+. .. definitely one I am glad I have in my
workout library!

Have you done 30 Day Shred or any Jillian
DVDs??? What did you think?



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2 responses to “30 Day Shred Review

  1. I have the Blast Fat one (can’t remember its exact name) and I love it! I’m definitely going to get some more of Jillian’s, she really kicks my butt unlike any other DVD. It’s great that there’s no complex choreography either.

    My DVD is also about 5 minutes longer than it says on the box.

  2. I’ve been reading a lot about Shred on blogs lately and I would definitely be into it if I needed to workout at home! I’m sure it would be great when you are away on vacation… except for bringing the heavy weights!

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