My new fav

Happy Monday! Well. . . it is for me because I don’t have to work today! Well, not counting teaching CTI at the YMCA tonight! Winking smile 

This morning started out like most do. .. an iced caramel skim latte. yum!


A nice mid-morning bike ride = 35 minutes—> 7.1 miles.


And a walk with Abby.


Check out this cute picture – in her shadow you can see her tongue sticking out!


Lunch was leftover plate: green been French fries, new potatoes, coleslaw, strawberries, crackers and egg white salad.



And finished with my new favorite snack/dessert = frozen fruit!


I got a huge bag of frozen fruit from Sam’s Club. I usually just use the fruit for smoothies. But last week, I was super hungry while blending up my smoothie and so I started eating the frozen fruit. delicious. Perfect on a hot summer day. Sweet, cold and sorta creamy. . . my favorite: mango and pineapple. The perfect snack or dessert!

Hope you are having a great day!

Also, make sure you check out Janetha’s blog for The Great Fundraising Act!


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