CTI + Pizza = Monday!

Last night, I hit up the YMCA for my Monday night CTI (Cardio Tone Interval) class.

This was a good one! We were all sufficiently sweaty afterwards!


We used a stability ball and a set of heavy hand weights (I used 8#). Remember each move is for 60 seconds. Repeat each circuit thru twice.

Circuit 1
Mountain climbers
Jumping jacks
Forward row
Hamstring curls on ball
Oblique twist

Circuit 2
Squat jumps
Floor to ceiling with ball
Chest fly on ball
Hands to feet with ball
Pushups with feet on ball – 10

Circuit 3
Shuffle jump
Steam engines
Balancing side lunge
Bicep and overhead press sitting on ball
Ball tuck


After class, I came home to Papa John’s sausage and pineapple pizza for dinner. Along with quick salads –> perfect Monday night dinner!



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2 responses to “CTI + Pizza = Monday!

  1. Looks like a great workout but what’s a steam engine?

    • It’s basically like a standing bicycle crunch. While standing, you put your hands behind your head and then cross elbow to opposite knee – crunching the abs while you bring your knee up and elbow across the body. And alternate side to side. It is a good cardio move as well as works the abs, arms and legs.

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