MSU Tennis

Sunday afternoon already??? Where did the weekend go?

Saturday night was spent being lazy at home.

After we spent the afternoon playing tennis in the intense heat here in MN.

We biked over to the tennis courts at Minnesota State University.


The University is also where the Minnesota Vikings have their training camp.

And training camp starts Monday with some of the players starting to come into town today.

So, campus is set up with tents for autograph sessions, signs and barricades for all the extra crowds and extra security all over!

I wasn’t sure if we would be allowed to get to the tennis courts, but thankfully, no one even looked at us twice!

Since, Abby didn’t get to come with us for tennis, we made sure to take her for a walk when we got home.

The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and re-hydrating!

Sunday morning was all for sleeping in and snuggling – well at least for me and Abby!

I finally got out of bed about 9 and was ready for breakfast.


Caramel skim latte and toast with white chocolate peanut butter.


More laziness today – 92 degrees and humid out today!

Staying cool with this awesome lemonade Scott made yesterday – recipe to be shared soon!


Hope you are having a great Sunday. . . what have you been up to this weekend????


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