Happy August!

Catching up from July?








August started early for me: 5am! I subbed for another instructor for the 5:30AM aerobics class. OMG that is early!!! Thankfully, once the class got started, the hour went really quickly.

And then, I decided I would drive across town to get an iced caramel skim macchiato from Starbucks. . . you know, as a reward for getting up before the crack of dawn.

Well, I drove all the way there, got to the parking lot and realized I didn’t have my wallet!

Ahhhhh totally bummed.

So, I drove home.

Took a long, hot shower.

Got dressed, found my wallet.

Took Abby with in the car to go back to Starbucks to finally get my iced macchiato!


I got a venti – is that wrong? Winking smile 


Now, thankfully, I have a lazy day.

Watching Iron Chef America from last night: battle cucumber – btw totally heart Iron Chef Michael Symon!

And later having lunch with a friend and teaching another aerobics class later tonight.

Pretty sure I will be able to squeeze in a nap!

And looking forward to dinner tonight: Scott is making BBQ chicken pizza. yum!

What time did you get up this morning?



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6 responses to “Happy August!

  1. A 5.30 class?! You Americans are crazy 😉

    It’s a holiday here so I got up around 9.

  2. So happy you joined Twitter 🙂

  3. Getting a venti is soooo not wrong! … I always get the biggest size when I order a drink out, mostly becuase if I’m spending the cash, I might as well spend 30 or 40 cents mroe and get more out of it!

    My exact words at my favorite hometown coffee place sunday? “I want the biggest cup you have please and thank you” ahaha

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