Early aerobics

Yesterday I subbed for another instructor and I taught the 5:30 am aerobics class. Whoa early! Thankfully once the class got started and the music was going, it ended up being ok, even though I am so not a morning person! It was soooo hot in the aerobics studio – I don’t think I have ever sweat that much during a class. I also taught my usual Monday night CTI class too. And it was still horribly hot in the studio! I did basically the same workout with both classes because I love the bosu ball. I think it gives you such a good workout. I can really feel it in my legs this morning!

Here is the workout:

CTI – using a bosu ball and heavy hand weights

Circuit 1
Run up and down
Step up and down off sides
Bicep curls
Triceps extensions
Oblique crunches on ball

Circuit 2
Up and over bosu ball with 2 jacks
Jump up and down off sides
Chest fly –lying on ball
Hip raises with weights on hips
Pushups with feet on ball

Circuit 3
Jump rope on ball
Squat on ball – tap toes, reach to ceiling
Standard crunch on ball
Plank with forearms on ball

After the evening class, I came home to a nice dinner made by Scott: BBQ chicken pizza!


It was delicious.

Afterward, we took Abby to Dairy Queen for an after dinner snack. We both got cones. I got a chocolate dip with crunch cone. I had them put it into a dish for me – so much easier to eat that way and I can give Abby the cone too!

While we were there an 8 year old girl asked if she could pet Abby (well actually her Dad asked for her because she was shy!). Abby liked the attention, although I think she was more interested in her chocolate cone though. And  it was so cute, as we were walking back to the car, the girl waved and said “Bye Abby!” So cute!


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