July goal review

I may or may not have had bbq chicken pizza for breakfast.


Coffee and pizza –> who know? delicious together! What? You have never had that for breakfast? Winking smile 

I am currently trying to decide if I should go to the gym today or wait until tomorrow to do the New Rules of Lifting workout. I am pretty sore and tired from teaching aerobics twice yesterday. I don’t want to ‘take it easy’ with weight lifting, I want to be able to give 100%. ..

What would you do?

With the beginning of August yesterday, I totally forgot to review my goals for July and make some new ones for August.

Thanks to Becca and her morning post for reminding me about goals! Smile 

Here were my July goals. . .

Goals for July!

1. Continue to try new things: quinoa and spinach in smoothies!
Spinach – check. . . quinoa – not yet!
2. Longer weekly runs – at least one run per week over 5 miles – check! 7 miles last week!
3. Commit to Shred/strength training 3x/week
Better since starting New Rules of Lifting for Women!

And now. . .

August Goals

Continue New Rules of Lifting for Women (2-3 times per week)
Continue to do longer weekly runs – 14 miles around the Lake on Labor Day weekend!
Continue to try new things: This month: quinoa!
Another attempt at the perfect cupcake!

What are your goals for August???

I totally agree with Becca – I feel so much better when I have goals written down that I am working towards!


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4 responses to “July goal review

  1. Hi Katie, I just stumbled on your blog from twitter (I have a search up for New Rules of lifting for Women because I just started the program too!) Love this post, and I’m excited for you to start the program! I think it’s so awesome that you’ve written out your goals for this month, I think I’ll follow suit and do the same. P.s. I secretly love cupcakes too. I’m craving one right now! Anyways, hope to see you around the internet! I’m officially following!

  2. I’m working on my running – just did my first 5k at the weekend so I’m lucking to keep up my momentum!

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