Hello all –Happy Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend, right?

I had planned to go to the YMCA yesterday for another New Rules of Lifting workout, but my calf/hamstring in my right leg was so tight from all my bosu ball work on Monday! So, I decided to take it easy and delay my workout until today. I thought that was a good idea, until I woke up this morning and my calf is even worse (more tight) today! I have been stretching like crazy, even sitting here typing up this post, I have it stretched out on the coffee table in front of me.

Back to yesterday. . .

Lunch was a leftover pineapple brat with green bean french fries –> seriously can’t get enough of these lately – love to put sea salt on them! And serve with ketchup.


And blueberries!


This was the view from my end of the couch yesterday afternoon!




When Scott got home from work, we went for a 3.5 mile run. It was a mix between being horribly hot and humid when the sun came out and then occasionally, the sun would go away and the wind would give a nice breeze and then it was *almost* nice out!

Dinner was leftovers from the fridge: and that meant salads!


Mine had lettuce, carrots, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

And I ‘made’ garlic toast. Easiest thing ever: just take a regular piece of bread, lightly butter, sprinkle with garlic powder. Put under lo broil for a few minutes until golden brown –> 5 minute garlic toast!


A glass of lemonade while I participated in #fitchat.


That was craziness! I had a hard time keeping up with all the comments and what everyone was talking about, but so much fun! And it was cool to hear what everyone had to say about each topic. Already looking forward to next week. Thanks PinkRunner for telling me about it!

I woke up this morning, soooo hungry!

So, I made some whole wheat frozen waffles topped with chia seeds and syrup.


Of course paired with a caramel skim latte. Smile 


Apparently, someone didn’t get enough sleep last night, but still wants to play with bear!



Seriously, sometimes she is just too adorable! I know, I know – totally biased!

Off to the YMCA for a NROLW workout. . . wish me and my calf luck!

Do you eat leftovers?

When I first married my husband, he hated leftovers, would never eat them! Now, I make leftovers into something different. . . chop up pork chop and put it on a salad, or quesadilla, or sandwiches, etc. And now, we have no problem with leftovers!



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2 responses to “#fitchat

  1. I love certain leftovers, I think the next day they even taste better. I do have a few leftover meals that I hate to eat again.

  2. Aw you’re welcome! #fitchat is tough to keep up with sometimes but I like to change the controls so that the page doesn’t refresh every 5 seconds! It helps me keep up!

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