5 Things Friday: vacay

Happy Friday! Can you believe we finally made it to Friday – this week seemed to take for-ev-er!

This week on 5 Things: my top 5 local (within the US) vacation places that I have been!

1. Duluth, MN


Just 2 1/2 hours north of the cities.

On Lake Superior and beautiful views. Lots of hiking and beaches. Very cold in the winter – because of the Lake. .. but gorgeous in the summer! 

2. Colorado


We have some friends who live in Grand Junction, CO. It is always a good time to go a visit them. Mountain views. Hiking. Good food, especially in Denver!

3. Madeline Island/ Bayfield, MN


A small island in Lake Superior. We would spend two weeks there in a small cabin every summer when I was growing up. Some of my favorite family members are on Madeline Island. A bonus – you have to take a ferry ride to get there!


4. Nashville, TN


When my sister lived there a few years ago, it was always a good time to visit her. And almost worth the 14 hour car trip!

Country music. Good winter running.  The best biscuits ever @ The Loveless Cafe.


And homemade jams! And they have a ‘batman’ building in downtown – and you will totally use it for navigation!

And the best fried chicken served family style at Monell’s

5. Des Moines, IA


I loved the town of Des Moines when I lived there for medical school. Now, I love to go back to visit. Awesome mall/shopping. Good running trails. Lots of cool fountains in the summer. Too many good restaurants.

What’s your favorite vacation spot in the US?



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3 responses to “5 Things Friday: vacay

  1. These all look amazing! I’ve only visited Washington DC and NY but I spent a summer working at a camp in West Virginia which was gorgeous. Would love to go back to the US!

  2. Jenny

    Thanks for the Nashville shout-out — but great, now I am hungry for biscuits and fried chicken!

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