2 weeks!

It’s been a lazy Saturday morning here at our house.

Abby and I went on a coffee run to Panera this morning.

My first caramel skim latte in 2 weeks!


A scone sounded really good too, so a quick stop by Dunn Brothers – just down the street from Panera – to get a delicious mango scone.


Except that it wasn’t mango. . . I think it was mandarin orange??? Actually I have no idea what flavor it was, but it was soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside. The filling in the middle – whatever it was- was sweet and fruity.  Smile Perfect Saturday morning breakfast.


Scott and Abby had some play time. . .


well more play for Scott and pouting for Abby. ..


Other than a run later this afternoon, not sure what else is planned for today. . . which is really nice for an end of the summer weekend!

Also, just finished watching the Packers v Colts pre-season game from last night – awesome finish Packers! Go Pack Go! Can’t wait for the regular season. Smile 

Hope you are having a good weekend! What are you up to???


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