The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Yesterday, Scott and I went to the Minnesota State Fair.

It was the perfect day to go. . . middle of the week and sprinkling rain on and off really kept the crowds down so there was actually room to walk!

so excited for the fair. . . Winking smile


First fair food: Roasted corn on the cob. . .


always the best corn ever!


Up next: sunfish fillets with yummy sauce in a boat!


And the sweet stuff. . .

Scott always has to get Sweet Martha’s cookies.


And he always has to get the huge bucket. . . where they pile it super high and you have to eat a ton before you can even put the lid on!


And our ‘new’ fair food this year: pig licker –> chocolate covered bacon sprinkled with sea salt


It was interesting. . . it tasted like bacon with chocolate on it! Smile Both Scott and I said we didn’t think we would get it again, but it was a fun thing to try!

Also eaten but no pictures: Nitrogen frozen vanilla ice cream – so rich and creamy and Scott got a vanilla milk shake from the University of Minnesota Moo booth.

Laura and her boyfriend got to the fair just before we had to leave, so I was able to snag a few mini doughnuts from her!

And fun self portraits on the bus on the way back to the car!



Always a good time at the great MN get-together!



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2 responses to “The Great Minnesota Get-Together

  1. The corn looks really good and I could not be around that cookie bucket. I would go nuts on them!

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