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5 Things Friday: 5 Things!

Happy Friday! I think I say this every week but OMG I am so excited for this weekend. 🙂 I am working a long day in Urgent Care today, so really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. And for football on Sunday! Go Pack Go!
This week 5 things is inspired by a post by Julie at PBFingers called 5 Things:
Last five people I talked to on the phone:
  1. Scott – last night before bed.. .he was at a conference in Northern MN this week. So excited to have him back tonight!
  2. My Mom
  3. The Paw – grooming appointment for Abby – shhh don’t tell her! 😉
  4. My sister
  5. My other sister
Last Five Meals I Ate:
  1. Drinking my Caribou caramel skim latte right now!
  2. Imagine World Peace Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (after-dinner snack/dessert)
  3. Turkey sandwich from Panera with harvest cheddar Sun Chips 
  4. A juicy plum – snack in the car on my ride home from work
  5. Lean Cuisine baked chicken and stuffing, dill pickle, apple – lunch

Last five places I’ve traveled

  1. The Lake
  2. The Cities
  3. Colorado
  4. Duluth
  5. New Orleans
Next five places I will go (outside of my hometown):
  1. My parents’ house
  2. Scott’s parent’s house
  3. The cities for a wedding
  4. The Lake
  5. Maui – in January!!!
Last five workouts:
  1. Bike 30 minutes last night
  2. Walk with Abby on Wednesday
  3. Bike 30 minutes on Tuesday
  4. 2.5 mile run with Scott and Abby on Monday
  5. 3 mile run with Scott and Abby on Sunday  
Five things making me happy right now:
  1. My latte
  2. Snuggling with Abby in bed over the past few nights that Scott has been gone (she used to sleep with me all the time before we got married!)
  3. Looking forward to spending the day with my husband tomorrow – driving up to the cities to have dinner with his parent’s and probably stopping at the Mall of America to do some shopping!
  4. Finished with my first week of call at my new job – and it went really well!
  5. Starting to plan for our trip to Maui in January – OMG already sooo excited! 🙂

Where are the next 5 places you are going to go??? Any fun weekend plans?





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5 Things Friday: Weekly Favs

Hi all! I can’t believe it is already Friday. . . I am starting to settle in to my new job and that helps the weeks go a little faster. Another perk, I don’t have to work every Friday – so that helps too! Smile 

This Friday: some favorites of mine from this week. . .

1. Check out the awesome giveaway from PBFingers!

2. I am in l-o-v-e with Iowa Girl Eats Favorite Fridays posts. Such fun ideas and cool pics.

3. The first day of fall –>today!!! I love football, apple cider, changing leaves and cooler running weather!

4. Biggest Loser premier – what did you think of the new trainers? I really like the new guy, but not too sure about Anna!

5. Abby – of course she is one of my favorites! Smile 


Hope you had a great week! Any big plans for the weekend? I am on-call this weekend, so staying close to home with no real plans… except football on Sunday – Go Packers – and Amazing Race premier!

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5 Things Friday: Highs and Lows

Happy Friday! I am so excited for the weekend. . .maybe that has something to do with the fact that this is the first full week I have worked in over 2 months? 😉

This week on 5 Things Friday: My weeks Highs and Lows. . .

1. High: Starting to see patients at the new clinic! Things were a little crazy at the beginning of the week with all the chaos of moving, but it was nice to be doing what I have been training to do over the past 7+ years!

2. Low: I am so not a fan of the 40 minute drive to and from work everyday. I like to drive and l-o-v-e my car so I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but going from a 7 minute to 40 minute commute = not fun!

3. High: I made Scott an awesome dinner on Wednesday. I can’t even remember the last time I cooked and it was a new recipe so I was super happy that it turned out so good… so good, Scott even had leftovers last night and he hardly ever eats leftovers! I’ll share details of the recipe etc soon!

4. High: The weather in MN this week has been awesome. Some people might not agree with me but I love 50 and 60 degree days so I have been in heaven!

5. Low: No energy/time for blogging. . . I am going to have to figure this one out soon. I have gotten home at night and collapsed on the couch and not moved until it is time to go to bed. I am hoping once I get more into the groove of working again, blogging will be easier at night. Until then, hang with me and look for a postings a few times a week instead of my usual daily!

What have been your high and low for this week? Any suggestions on blogging after a long day of work?

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5 Things Friday!

Hi there. . . finally done with my first week of my new job!

It was all boring orientation stuff – so excited that all that is over and I can get to work next week!

Today was a great day! I had a few meetings this morning, but then I had the afternoon off. So, I headed up to the cities. Met my parent’s for lunch: at Applebee’s! I love Applebee’s but Scott doesn’t so I hardly ever get to go. . . Oriental chicken salad was delicious.

Then, off to the Mall of America for some shopping. . . have to spend my hard earned money from this week.

I had the most success at Ann Taylor Loft – some cute shirts and a sweater – pics soon. Smile

Finished off with a strawberry smoothie from Orange Julius <—yum!

Perfect way to spend the afternoon off. Smile 

Now, I am ready for the weekend, aren’t you??? Even though it was a short week, it seemed soooo long, right???

This week on 5 things Friday: my weekend to-do list!

1. Clean out my car – after driving 40 minutes each way to work this week, I have really noticed that it needs a good cleaning and vacuuming, cough dog fur cough cough. . .

2. Farmer’s Market – apple doughnuts, spicy jam, cookies, fresh baked bread, and of course fruits and veggies!

3. Sam’s club – we are in serious need of fruit in this house and Sam’s has the best selection in town. . . and I can get some candy for my candy dish at work! Winking smile 

4. Take my husband out to dinner: I think it will either be 5 Guys Burgers and Fries or trying out the ‘new to us’ Jersey Mike’s subs (have you been there?)

5. Take Abby out for a run or two. It is supposed to be 80s and sunshine this week so perfect for being outside!

What’s on your ‘to-do’ list this weekend???

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Catching up!

Hi there!

Long time, no see. . .

Sorry I have been MIA. We went to the Lake last weekend for Labor Day – more on that in a minute.

And I started my new job on Tuesday! So far it has been pretty boring orientation stuff. The group of people I am working with seem really cool and I think I will get along with them really well. We are moving into a new building next week, so right now I don’t have a desk or a computer or anything so that has made me feel a little out of place. Looking forward to next week when orientation will be over and I will have my own space and get to start seeing my own patients! Smile 

Let’s do a quick catching up from the Lake weekend. . . here is my weekend via numbers!

Number of hours to get there: 3
Number of BLT’s eaten: 3 1/2 – Seriously my Mom makes the best BLTs – my Dad even ‘jokes’ that he married her because of how awesome her BLTs are!
Number of movies watched: 2 (Pirates of the Caribbean and Miss Congeniality)
Number of holes golfed: 9
Number of times it rained during golf: 3
Number of books read: 1
Number of card games played: way over 100!
Number of times Abby threw up: 3! Poor puppy. . .
Number of bath’s Abby got in the Lake: 1

As you can see it was a pretty busy weekend! Winking smile It was pretty cold so no water sports or time spent on the lake, but lots of time sitting at the kitchen table playing cards!

Hope things are going well for you this week and you’re enjoying a short work week like I am!

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5 Things Friday: Happiness

Happy Friday and Happy 3 day weekend! Have any big plans???

This week on 5 Things Friday: Things that are making me happy right now!

1. 3 day weekend at the Lake


2. Abby being adorable


3. Zestar apples available at the farmer’s market

4. Free drink at Caribou today: another caramel cooler maybe???


5. Smiling every time I see my toes! And bonus that they match my dress today! Smile 


What made you happy today???

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Happy September!

Whoa how is it September already??? I can’t believe Labor Day is this weekend. . .

And I start my new job on Tuesday!!!

Catching up from August?

I read The Hunger Games
My sister, Jenny, came to visit – we went to dinner and had some adventures

I made chobani pancakes,


perfect cake mix cupcakes


and the best summer lemonade


Scott and I went to the great MN get together



And finally. . . today! I am having the best day ever. . . Smile 

I finally got myself over to Liv Aveda <—the best salon in Mankato – for an eyebrow wax.

And Caribou – just happened to be on the way home and it is crazy hot and humid today – perfect for a caramel cooler… complete with whipped cream and caramel! Yum! It may or may not have been my lunch today. Winking smile 


And then this afternoon, got a much much needed pedicure!





Sneak puppy paw. . . and this is what Abby was doing while I was trying to take a picture of my awesome toes. . . seriously, sometimes she is just too adorable.


Hope you are having a great 1st day of September! Smile


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