Catching up!

Hi there!

Long time, no see. . .

Sorry I have been MIA. We went to the Lake last weekend for Labor Day – more on that in a minute.

And I started my new job on Tuesday! So far it has been pretty boring orientation stuff. The group of people I am working with seem really cool and I think I will get along with them really well. We are moving into a new building next week, so right now I don’t have a desk or a computer or anything so that has made me feel a little out of place. Looking forward to next week when orientation will be over and I will have my own space and get to start seeing my own patients! Smile 

Let’s do a quick catching up from the Lake weekend. . . here is my weekend via numbers!

Number of hours to get there: 3
Number of BLT’s eaten: 3 1/2 – Seriously my Mom makes the best BLTs – my Dad even ‘jokes’ that he married her because of how awesome her BLTs are!
Number of movies watched: 2 (Pirates of the Caribbean and Miss Congeniality)
Number of holes golfed: 9
Number of times it rained during golf: 3
Number of books read: 1
Number of card games played: way over 100!
Number of times Abby threw up: 3! Poor puppy. . .
Number of bath’s Abby got in the Lake: 1

As you can see it was a pretty busy weekend! Winking smile It was pretty cold so no water sports or time spent on the lake, but lots of time sitting at the kitchen table playing cards!

Hope things are going well for you this week and you’re enjoying a short work week like I am!


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  1. Jenny

    Yeah I’m pretty sure Dad’s not joking about the BLTs.

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