5 Things Friday!

Hi there. . . finally done with my first week of my new job!

It was all boring orientation stuff – so excited that all that is over and I can get to work next week!

Today was a great day! I had a few meetings this morning, but then I had the afternoon off. So, I headed up to the cities. Met my parent’s for lunch: at Applebee’s! I love Applebee’s but Scott doesn’t so I hardly ever get to go. . . Oriental chicken salad was delicious.

Then, off to the Mall of America for some shopping. . . have to spend my hard earned money from this week.

I had the most success at Ann Taylor Loft – some cute shirts and a sweater – pics soon. Smile

Finished off with a strawberry smoothie from Orange Julius <—yum!

Perfect way to spend the afternoon off. Smile 

Now, I am ready for the weekend, aren’t you??? Even though it was a short week, it seemed soooo long, right???

This week on 5 things Friday: my weekend to-do list!

1. Clean out my car – after driving 40 minutes each way to work this week, I have really noticed that it needs a good cleaning and vacuuming, cough dog fur cough cough. . .

2. Farmer’s Market – apple doughnuts, spicy jam, cookies, fresh baked bread, and of course fruits and veggies!

3. Sam’s club – we are in serious need of fruit in this house and Sam’s has the best selection in town. . . and I can get some candy for my candy dish at work! Winking smile 

4. Take my husband out to dinner: I think it will either be 5 Guys Burgers and Fries or trying out the ‘new to us’ Jersey Mike’s subs (have you been there?)

5. Take Abby out for a run or two. It is supposed to be 80s and sunshine this week so perfect for being outside!

What’s on your ‘to-do’ list this weekend???


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