32 weeks!

32 weeks = 8 months pregnant. . . wow! Hard to believe that we are only 54 days away from my due date.

I love my shirt – It says “Sweating for Two” and has two cute baby footprints on the belly. I got it from For Two Fitness. Perfect for working out with a growing belly.

This week it has been really hard to not start freaking out about getting everything ready – I mean less than 2 months and we will be bringing home a baby! I still have a couple weeks until my shower, so trying to hold off on buying things until after then, but I want to get everything set. I have been spending WAY to much time on Etsy… looking at too cute baby boy stuff.

I mean check out this super cute Tigger blanket,

Mega Ultra Cozy Tigger Fleece Blanket 

Puppy print burp cloth (I am really a sucker for anything puppies or paw prints) 

Puppy Print Padded Burp Cloth

And I love this blanket because I think the dog looks just like Abby.

Set of two embroidered cotton flannel baby blankets 



And how adorable is this puppy towel?

PERSONALIZED Dog Hooded Towel 

Anyway. . . thankfully I haven’t bought anything yet, just looking, much to Scott’s relief!

How Big is the Baby?

The baby continues to grow (along with the belly!)

According to babycenter.com (which sends super nice weekly pregnancy updates) the baby weighs about 4 pounds and is around 19 inches long. He is as large as a cantaloupe. I joke to Scott that at times it seems he is trying to break out of my belly. He moves all day long, which I love! Anything from huge kicks to rolls and summersaults. Each move is amazing and I could seriously spend hours watching and feeling my belly move. I like to snuggle up behind Scott at night and let him feel the kicks and moves too.

Exercising for Two

One of the most wonderful things of my pregnancy has been the fact that I have been able to keep running. Although at this time it is more like a slow jog, I am still able to put in a few miles. I don’t run every day anymore, usually every other day. The weight of the baby in my pelvis makes my hips and pelvis bone ache, if I do too many miles or try to run two days in a row. So, in addition to running, I also ride the bike (on a trainer) and have been doing some treadmill walking – usually an interval incline workout of some sort. I was worried about running in the winter with ice and snow, so back in November, Scott and I finally broke down and bought a treadmill so I could continue to run and not worry about falling and hurting the baby. And of course, we have had the mildest winter ever in MN with very little snow, ice and warmer than normal temps. I have still been using the treadmill though, because as my belly continues to grow, I feel a little safer being in the house with Scott just upstairs if something were to happen, and it is nice to control the pace and incline too. I think staying active has made for a much more enjoyable pregnancy too. I have not felt overly fatigued, no swelling in my legs (yet! keeping my fingers crossed) and, sleep has still been ok too. I am really hopeful that I will be able to keep up my slow jog until the baby is born. . . either way, I know I will continue to be active because I know that is what is best for me and baby!



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4 responses to “32 weeks!

  1. Aunt Jenny

    I like how the cute puppy on the blanket is all playful, but the real puppy is pouting, like, “Ahem. Start taking pictures and play with me already.”

  2. Ab make that gab!

    I can not get my brain around how you look! What fun to actually see you! Sounds like you are enjoying your pregnancy which is awesome! So glad you are feeling great and are able to stay active! Look forward to being a part of your last weeks!

  3. you look great! I’m 16w and am on a no-impact for 3 weeks phase… which tragically came just as I was starting to get my energy back. So I’m missing working out. Hoping to get back to some exercise soon.

    best of luck with everything.xo

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