Randomness from the week

1. Scott decided he should practice for the baby, by holding Abby in his lap.


Abby did not think this was a good idea.


Scott thought it was the best idea ever.


2. I hung up a new magnetic corkboard in my office at work.


I got some super cute magnets to put on it. Seriously Etsy is ridiculously awesome for everything.  Heart marble magnets from Sideproject Designs. Bottle cap magnets from Cherry Cute Shop.


Now I just need some pictures to put on it!

3. My caramel nonfat macchiato from Starbucks was in the cutest ‘Love’ cup.


4. I have been trying to cut down on the caffeine by going ‘1/2 caf’ in my lattes.


Good news: I can get the larger size and not worry about having too much caffeine for the baby and it doesn’t taste any different!

Just a quick comment on caffeine in pregnancy. . . You can have caffeine when you are pregnant! (***of course, each pregnancy is different and I would defer to your doctor’s recommendations for each person) But in general, just because you are growing a baby doesn’t mean you have to forgo your daily cup of coffee – or in my case – caramel skim latte. You should pay attention to the amount of caffeine you are taking in per day. Current recommendations from the March of Dimes is to keep daily caffeine intake less than 200mg per day. Check out this website from the Mayo Clinic for caffeine levels in food and drinks. The reason I am trying to cut down on caffeine now is just in case the baby doesn’t do well with caffeine when I am breastfeeding and I need to go caffeine free. Which I am hopeful after my trial with 1/2 caf, that decaf doesn’t taste any different either. I drink my caramel skim latte because I like the way it tastes, no specifically for caffeine. But we will see how the baby does. . . and make changes if I need to!

Tell me something random about your week!


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