34 weeks!

Ok Ok so if you are paying attention – it has almost been 3 weeks since my last pregnancy post (stupid blog posting issues! ***which will hopefully be completely resolved this week with the purchase of a new laptop!). .. and so *technically* I am 35 weeks today! 35 days to go.

But let’s go back to 34 weeks. . .


I *love* this personalized shirt I ordered from Etsy.com. .. so cute and perfect for a baby shower! Smile 


From my babycenter.com weekly emails: at 34 weeks the baby –

now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (like your average cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long.

I also had my first baby shower! My little sister, Laura, threw me the best baby shower. She made that diaper cake! She also may or may not be addicted to Pinterest! Winking smile 


It was a nice group of friends of mine and Scott’s. And my best friend, Peggy, was there in spirit from Colorado, and sent the most precious box of baby goodies. I felt so special and loved by everyone and feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life who are just as excited about the new baby as Scott and I are!

Check out the spread of food – cute mini finger sandwiches (the cucumber cream cheese rocked!). . .


Beautiful fresh fruit. . .


Super cute cake balls with baby blue ribbons. . .


And another friend of mine, Jodi, made this super cute Whinnie the Pooh and Friends cake (BTW I love Tigger!)


Thoughts from the past 2-3 weeks

· I am hot! I can’t wear sweaters to work cause I will melt…short sleeve t-shirts in the middle of winter. love it.

· The baby is taking up more room and pushing everything up – which lead to horrible acid reflux when I am exercising! Thankfully lots of tums is a quick fix.

· My feet are getting farther away. . . I’m not ashamed to tell you that I have had Scott take off my shoes cause I don’t want to have to try to bend down to untie them.

· I have been excited the whole pregnancy to meet this little baby but as we are getting closer, I can feel my excitement growing. To meet him, snuggle him, watch my husband being a Dad.

· I am soooo hungry! I have been eating a lot more snacks and staying well hydrated too. My Baby Center email at 32 weeks said that for the last 8 weeks, you should gain about a pound per week (an extra 500 calories per day) and the baby will get 1/2 of that. He is basically just growing and plumping up now until delivery. Most developmental stuff is done!

· Sleeping on your side is hard! The other night, I just couldn’t get comfortable on either side. So looking forward to being able to sleep on my back and stomach again.

· My husband continues to be on “belly button watch.” He is super excited (and has been since about 14 weeks) for my belly button to “pop” out. Every week, since about 18 weeks, he is convinced that it is so close and will happen any day.

· I continue to cross my fingers: still no swelling – I can and still am wearing my engagement and wedding rings!


I hope that Abby is as excited to meet this baby as she is about the treat in my hand! Smile 

Hope you are having a great Friday . .  any big plans for the weekend? Scott and I have another baby shower on Saturday and plan to spend more time in the nursery getting things organized and as ready as we can! Hopefully, some pics and updates for you next week!

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  1. You look SO good!! The tshirt is really cute… and belly buttons popping out kinda freak me out… so I’m glad to see yours is still in at 34 weeks 🙂

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