My pregnancy must-haves

One of the things that was super helpful to me during my pregnancy was reading other people’s blogs (Emily at Daily Garnish and Gina at Fitnessista) who were blogging through their pregnancy. And the pages I always bookmarked were the list of “must-haves.”

So, I thought I would put together my own must-have pregnancy list!

Body pillow

I just bought a Target body pillow with a super soft cuddly (and hot!) cover, but I know Boppy makes a body pillow specifically for pregnancy too.

Stretch mark cream/lotion

I have no idea if it made any difference at all, but it at least made me feel better to lotion up my belly after showers. It also helped with itchy skin. I think the biggest thing for stretch marks is to gain weight slowly thru pregnancy (as much as you can!) I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – again from Target. You can spend a lot of money on stretch mark cream and “belly butters” but not sure it is really worth it because they say nothing really prevents stretch marks. . .

Bravado nursing bras

Thank you to Gina for posting about this bra. I bought one about 28 weeks and have been wearing it almost every day since then. I actually just ordered another one and a nursing tank too. They are a little spendy (i.e. more than nursing bras at Target) and not the prettiest, but they are super comfortable and fit really nice.

Pre-natal vitamins

A must-have during pregnancy! As soon as you are thinking about starting a family it is important to get started on pre-natal vitamins. They have extra folic acid to help with baby’s brain and spinal cord development, which is really important during all of pregnancy – but especially early in pregnancy, maybe even before you realize you are pregnant!

Baby Center

A good website for general info about pregnancy and babies. And if you sign up, they will send you weekly emails with updates and information specific to how many weeks pregnant you are! And the most fun thing – they compare baby to a food. . . i.e. when I first started baby was a sesame seed and now he is a Crenshaw melon. (ya I don’t know what that is either. Smile )

Comfortable workout clothes

Just as when you’re not pregnant, when you’re pregnant, working out is easier if you feel good about yourself and have some workout clothes that fit and make you feel cute! I love my shirt that I got from for two fitness. It is extra long to cover the growing belly with side rouching to fit comfortably.

Supportive husband

Someone to hug you when you are crying about orange juice and don’t know why. Someone to tell you every day how beautiful you are. Someone to put together the crib, swing, and install the car seat. Someone who is just as excited about the baby as you are! My husband was/is all of these things and more!


Self control against all cute baby things

There are so many cute baby things out there! Especially if you are addicted to Etsy like I am. Smile The hardest thing is to wait until the baby showers are over and to see what you need before you start buying up the whole baby section!

Healthy diet, exercise and sleep

Good for you and baby! And important for a healthy and happy pregnancy. I think I have had a pretty good pregnancy (so far – knock on wood!) because I have tried to keep a fairly healthy diet and not letting the fact that I am pregnant mean that I can eat ice cream all day without any consequences. I have really kept the fact that any weight I put on during pregnancy, has to come off after pregnancy! Exercise, staying active – for me – running – has been really important to me to keep myself feeling good, keeping tabs on the weight gain and helping with sleep at night! Everyone tells you to sleep as much as you can before the baby comes. . . well..  . that is a good thought, but since you can’t bank sleep, isn’t the most useful advice. But, making sure that you are getting the sleep you need during pregnancy (which might be more than you used to need), is useful to making you feel good throughout your pregnancy!

If you are pregnant or have been pregnant – what are your “must-haves” for pregnancy? If you’re not pregnant – what are your current “must-haves” in your life?


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