Due date

I read somewhere that less than 10% of babies are born on their due date.

This baby is not part of that 10%!

My due date (yesterday – April 6th) came and went and still no baby.

Which is ok. . .

While we are both ready to meet our new little one, both  my husband and I are such planners that it has been good the baby is waiting to come. I spent the day yesterday organizing . .. our nightstand drawers, our dresser drawers and the dreaded bathroom closet! Things that didn’t need to be done before the baby comes, but is really nice that it is all done!

I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it to this post: but here are pictures at 40 weeks!

40 weeks 00140 weeks 00240 weeks 00440 weeks 00540 weeks 00740 weeks 00840 weeks 01040 weeks 01140 weeks 01240 weeks 01340 weeks 01540 weeks 01640 weeks 01740 weeks 018

Now it is just a waiting game! And he’ll come when he is ready. Smile


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  1. Awww it will happen soon! I’m ready for the blog announcement 🙂

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