Reflections at the end

While Scott and I were on a walk with Abby yesterday, we started talking about the pregnancy and how it will be over so soon. While, I have had a relatively ‘good’ pregnancy (except for when the baby tried to kill me in the first trimester with ‘morning’ sickness), there are still a good number of things that I will not miss when I am no longer pregnant. . . but on the flip side, there are things I will miss about being pregnant.

Pregnancy is an experience like nothing else in life. Here are the things I want to remember and forget about this pregnancy!

things I won’t miss about being pregnant

1. swollen ankles at the end of a busy day in clinic

2. reflux – especially with running!

3. continued weight gain – seeing the scale read numbers I have never seen before!

4. someone else messing with my taste buds – the baby made me not want foods that I normally love and made me crave foods that I hardly ever eat. . . the worst part was the 2-3 weeks where Caribou coffee didn’t taste good! Thankfully, we are past that part now. Smile

5. waking up every morning feeling sick – for most people, this gets better. Not for me. Every morning I wake up feeling nauseous and hungry all at the same time.

6. having to pee all the time, or at least the feeling like you have to pee all the time because of a baby sitting on your bladder

7. not being able to sleep on my stomach or back

8. snoring – because of the pressure of the baby pushing up, I have started snoring (loudly according to my husband) at night. It has been so bad that lately, he has to go sleep downstairs!

9. pelvic pain with running – I will be so happy to run pain free after the baby is born!

10. not being able to tie my shoes – ’nuff said!

things I will miss about being pregnant

1. growing a human inside me –> pretty cool!

2. baby kicks

3. baby somersaults

4. baby hiccups

5. watching my belly move and trying to guess which baby body part is poking out

6. the niceness people show towards pregnant women

7. my husband putting his hands on my belly to feel the baby kick

8. maternity jeans – seriously comfortable

9. the anticipation of meeting the baby

10. my family’s growing excitement

Our excitement and anticipation continues to grow as we wait to meet our new little one!

Here are some family pics from our Easter Sunday – hope you had a great weekend!

Easter_2012 003

Easter_2012 005


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