Return to running

This week I did my first post-baby run!

It was slow and I was tired but it felt good to run without an 8 pound baby in my belly.

I have run 3 times already and each time feels a little better. Still haven’t gone more than 2 miles at a pretty slow pace, but I slowed down over the course of 9 months, so I can’t expect to jump right back into it less than 3 weeks of having the baby.

One thing I didn’t expect was so much belly jiggle! It makes sense that it takes 9 months for the uterus to grow with the baby.  . . and it takes 4-6 weeks for it to go back to it’s pre-baby size. I did buy a post-partum support belt to help with running.


Basically it just wraps around your mid-section and helps to hold things in place and minimizes jiggling! Super helpful with runs.

The other thing: must have a very supportive sports bra! I’m just sayin’. Smile 

I wasn’t sure how long after having Luke that I would feel up to running, so I am very happy to be less than 3 weeks out and already putting in some miles. It helps relieve stress, lose some baby weight and just makes me feel better. . . All of which makes me a much better Mom to Luke and wife to Scott!

Now. . . how about some cupcakes! Winking smile


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