Schell’s Lager Lauf 6K











Yesterday, Scott and I ran the first annual Schell’s Lager Lauf 6K. It was put on by Schell’s brewery, a local brewery in the town of New Ulm, MN. It promised to replace the water stations with beer on the race course and talked about brats and beer after the race. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all it promised to be. . .

It was a nice day. Low 80s and cloudy. It sprinkled for a few minutes before the start of the race. We were thankful for the cloudy skies, otherwise we would have died on the course under hot sun.

The start was right in front of the brewery. They had over 1000 participants for both races, 6K and 12K. My Mom and Dad came to spectate and watch the baby and dog while we ran. Unfortunately, the start was about 1/3 mile down the road from the entrance into the brewery. And they didn’t allow dogs past the entrance. We were walking towards the start, with the dog, and when we got to the entrance and a lady said, “Sorry, no dogs, because of the birds.” We were like, “Umm, ok. Because of the birds, weird, but whatever.” So, we left my  parents, the dog, and baby and went to the start. And when we got to the brewery, we saw “the birds.” Lots of huge peacocks just wondering around the grounds. There was even one with all his feathers out. Crazy. I guess I can understand why they don’t allow dogs. . . Abby would have loved to chase them!

They started the 12K about 10 minutes before the 6K and I was in the port-a-potty when the 12K started – with a huge cannon blast –> talk about scary!

The course itself was pretty hilly. There was a crazy huge hill in between mile 1 and 2. And the promise of beer on the course was lacking. The first water stop, was just water! We felt sorta bad for the people manning the station. We heard them saying over and over, “Sorry, just water, beer at the next one.” And we had to run at least another mile before we got to the next “water” stop, which they had beer at, but just small 1 oz glasses. And they had a specific area where you could drink it, so you couldn’t even keep walking while you drank the beer. Scott took a glass, but I just kept walking. .. With the huge hill in the beginning, the warmer weather, and running farther than I have since the baby was born. . . I was pretty tired! We ended up having to walk a few times, more than I would have liked. . .  The highlight of the course for me, was the huge downhill we got to run down – Scott and I skipped down it!

We finished in 39.15.


And those brats and beer after the race. . . available for $3 each! No free beer or brats for runners. Major disappointment!

Overall, it was a challenging course, but a fun 6K. We are already looking forward to doing it again next year. . . maybe even doing the 12K! I have already called dibs on not pushing the jogging stroller up the huge hill. Winking smile 

Someone was pretty tuckered out after spending the morning with Grandma and Grandpa. . .



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