Random thoughts. . .

A few (very random!) thoughts from the past week. . .

I downloaded an audiobook from my local library to my iPod and have been listening to it at night while feeding Luke. It helps pass the time a little better than just wishing I was back asleep. I am listening to Divergent, by Veronica Roth.

So far I really like it. . . a similar book to The Hunger Games (which I loved!). And it is part of a trilogy series too… so that should help with a lot of night time feedings!

Totally random but did you hear that Bethenny Frankel is starting a talk show? Premieres on June 11th. Here she is on Ellen talking about it. . . I might have to check it out, I like Bethenny’s ‘no-nonsense tell it like it is’ attitude.



And even more random. . .What did we do before Google? Scott and I were driving up to the cities last weekend and I pulled out my phone probably a half a dozen times to Google things. Here are some of the things I Googled:

How long is deer meat good for after the deer dies? Answer: most hunters think meat begins to spoil immediately after the deer is shot and will field dress the deer immediately and then fill the body cavity with ice until they can get home.

How come horses can’t lie down for long periods of time? Answer: I couldn’t find a great answer other than the weight of their body would eventually be too much pressure for their internal organs. . . anybody know more info?

How many ounces should a 6 week old eat? Answer: Anywhere from 2-6 ounces every 2-4 hours dependent on the baby and formula vs breast milk.

How did the Ford Model T get its name? Ford started at Model A and went thru a series of prototypes until getting to Model T. The Model T replaced the Model N as the most popular Ford vehicle.

Best diapers for boys/most absorbent diapers? Answer: There is no good answer. I reviewed quite a number of mommy forums and the reviews are mixed. Some parents swear by Huggies or Pampers or Target brand Up and Up or Luvs. Currently we are using Pampers swaddlers and they work pretty well. Occasionally he will pee thru a diaper. And we just got the Pampers baby dry version to use at night. Hoping they will be more absorbent so he doesn’t wake up at night because of a wet diaper.

Have you had any random musings this week? Please share! Smile


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