2 months!

Look who was 2 months old on Saturday!

Luke_2 months 007

Seriously how adorable are his little Baby Gap jeans?!?

Luke_2 months 010

I can’t believe how much he has grown and changed already!

IMG_01262 weeks_5


Life with a 2 month old includes:

*Lots of smiles

*Especially likes Boom Chicka Boom and being called ‘bunky baby’

*Likes standing in his bouncer chair and sleeping in his swing

*Loves sucking on his wrist and hand

*And kicking his legs

*And staring at the mobile on the bouncer chair and swing (but for only about 5 minutes and then he gets bored!)

*Just started being able to sit in the bumbo chair

*Does not like wet diapers, being hungry or tired! Winking smile 

*Sleeping anywhere from 3-6 hours at a time. . . 6 hours once this past week!

*2 month doctor appointment tomorrow with immunizations 😦


Here are some of my favorite recent pics. . .





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