Abby’s adjustment to Luke

Anyone who knows me, knows that Abby is my first baby. I got her as a 8 week old puppy during my first semester in medical school. I can’t believe she is going to be 8 years old in October! So, of course, as soon as I got pregnant, one of my first thoughts was about how will Abby do with sharing her Mom and Dad with a new baby.

I made sure to stock up on lots of treats to have when we brought the baby home, spent lots of time playing with her before the baby came, and crossed my fingers for the best!

And thankfully. .. she has done really well!

She had to learn how to share the couch. . .


She helps me keep an eye on the baby monitor. . .


Still gets to be a part of couch cuddle time. . .


Learned to share the floor. . .


and the backseat of the car. . .


And the new addition to ‘family time’ in bed.  ..


She did great taking pictures with the new baby. . .


And stays close by when Luke is in his swing. . .


Still gets lots of snuggling, attention and play time from Mom. . .


Is good at watching for visitors. . .


And knows that the key to a new baby is –> always sleep when the baby is sleeping! Winking smile 



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