Post-baby running update

First of all. . .

Happy 4th of July!


Scott and I went for a long run this morning. . . new post baby record – 7 miles!

It is HOT out! at 8am it was 78 degrees and crazy humid. So, it was a pretty hard run, but we made it. Smile 


When Scott and I want to go running together, we have to get a babysitter. Thankfully, we have a 15 year old who lives right next door, who loves to babysit! The only down side, is if we are having a hard run. . . it is much harder to quit and come home early!

With being on maternity leave, I have been able to get a run in pretty much every day. I usually go after Scott gets home from work. It’s a win-win –> Luke gets Daddy time and Mom gets some alone time!


I have also been doing the Fitnessista’s summer shape up workouts too. And usually once per week, Scott and I have been able to have the babysitter come over and go for a long run together. . . starting to up our mileage for the Des Moines half marathon in October!

Not sure how things are going to go when I start back to work next week. I am hoping to still get in a workout after work – albeit shorter than now – because I will want to spend as much time with Luke as I can! Thinking I might try switching my run to before bed, after Luke goes to bed. . . I don’t love running after dinner, but if it means more time with my baby. .. Smile I have been reading Sarah’s blog at The Shu Box for her thoughts on going back to work after having her baby. . . she is about 3 weeks ahead of me, and so  it is nice to read about someone else going through the same things I will be going through very soon!

So, overall, I am really happy with my running post-baby! Super glad I am not too tired to workout and most days I pick working out over taking a nap.


Luke has been sleeping better at night, which means we are sleeping better at night too! Hopefully (fingers crossed) things continue to go as well! Smile 

What are your plans for 4th of July? Scott and I are going to go out to lunch this afternoon. I have no idea where. . . my only request was someplace with margaritas! Winking smile 

Any tips for fitting in a workout with work and a baby?


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