First Lake Swim

This weekend with 90+ temps and record dew points = too hot, we headed to the Lake for the weekend.


Starbucks iced caramel nonfat macchiato for the road



On the way up, we stopped at A&W for some cold frosty root beers.


And Luke had his first swim in the lake.


And LOVED it. He was a little fish, kicking his legs and splashing lots. With lots of smiles. With our hot weather lately, the lake temp is almost like bath water –> perfect for a little one. Smile 

Scott and I also made a quick trip to the Leinenkugels brewery to pick up a new collar for Abby and, of course, had to have a few beer samples! Nothing better than fresh –from- the- tap- at- the- brewery beer.


And the other highlight from the weekend: Laura and I made fruit pizza!


Nothing quite says summer like fruit pizza –> delicious.

Such a great summer weekend at the Lake!


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2 responses to “First Lake Swim

  1. Awe! Love the butt shot of Luke and you! Looks like he enjoyed the swim! MMmmm fruit pizza! OK now I’m hungry…

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