Netflix Instant Play

Being a stay at home Mom with a newborn means you can watch quite a bit of tv. . . while feeding, while he is sleeping, during tummy time, etc. I got tired of daytime tv pretty quickly. . . I can only watch The Chew so many days in a row

(which actually bums me out because I really like Michael Symon!), same for The Price is Right!

So, I quickly turned to Netflix Instant Play to keep me entertained!

Here are some of my recent favorites:

How I Met Your Mother

NPH –> seriously hilarious character (and he has a blog!) Winking smile 

Drop Dead Diva

ABC Family Movies


I also watched an episode or two of Mad Men and Gossip Girl but I just couldn’t get into them. . . am I missing out?

And for anyone who has a new baby –> you MUST watch The Happiest Baby on The Block. . . seriously changed our lives = more sleep! Smile Available on DVD thru Netflix.

Have you ‘found’ any good tv shows or movies lately?


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